How to File a Borough Complaint

Many times we as a Borough receive complaints from residents regarding safety issues or ordinance violations. When a complaint is received, the relevant department is informed as soon as possible.

We are not able to act on a given complaint unless we are aware of the source from which it came. The reason for stating your name is that, if the case should ever go to court, we would have documentation of a witness/defender to back up the complaint. If we have no documentation, the case would not stand a chance in court. The only time your name would be released is if you were needed to testify in court. Otherwise, the information that you give to us is kept in strict confidence.

The complaint form will be used to contact you should we need additional information. You are not guaranteed to know the result of your complaint. If you have questions regarding the outcome of a particular complaint you submitted, please contact the police department at 570-966-1735.

Please fill out the complaint form below and email it back to the borough office at . If you do not wish to email the complaint, you may send it via first class mail to New Berlin Borough, 700 Water Street, PO Box 330, New Berlin, PA 17855 or drop it off at the borough office.

You may also call the police department at 570-966-1735 to make a complaint if you do not wish to fill out a form.

**Note to mobile device users** If you are experiencing difficulties using the fillable form, a free app called “Adobe Fill & Sign DC” is available for both iPhone and android users. If you have this app, you can complete a fillable form on your mobile device.